Want a birthday to remember?
You and your friends can now celebrate your birthday at The Works.
You might just be getting started or have friends you’d like to introduce to your sport, if so we can offer group coaching as well as food and drink for everybody.

.Before booking your party think about the following: -
.Do you want it out of normal opening hours? (this way you get the park to yourself, 8 people min)
.How many people do you want to bring?
.Do you want coaching with the group?
.Do you want food including.
.As soon as you know this email over a few dates and we will see what we can do.

Recent Reviews

John Joe

"All the kids absolutely loved the party. The staff were great, the atmosphere was great, we had the perfect party. Its not every day you get The Works to yourself. Even the cafe staff were great, the whole group loved it and at a great price too"