For many years there has been something based on our site that benefits the local community, regional economy and wider society. We look to carry on that tradition of contribution and impact with our work today.


Earliest records show that the site originated as the Airedale Brewery, a cloth manufacturer and leather works. At the end of the 19th Century the area began its rich history of rail-related industry, including The Kitson Works, Airedale Works, Hunslet Engine Company works and the Airedale Foundry for iron and steel.


In Summer 2017 The Works was funded by Leeds Inspired create a mural for our Kitson Road wall to celebrate the past and current use of our building. We worked with locally based international artists Kasia Bresca and Modes of Expression to gather the influences from younger members of the Skatepark and older people from the Hunslet Remembered group. Read the story here on the South Bank Leeds website.