Want a birthday to remember?
You and your friends can now celebrate your birthday at The Works.
You might just be getting started or have friends you’d like to introduce to your sport, if so we can offer group coaching as well as food and drink for everybody.

.Before booking your party think about the following: -
.Do you want it out of normal opening hours? (this way you get the park to yourself, 8 people min)
.How many people do you want to bring?
.Do you want coaching with the group?
.Do you want food including.
.As soon as you know this email over a few dates and we will see what we can do.

Recent Reviews


Hi, my daughter came to Bradley's party this morning, she has autism so when we first got there she was extremely anxious and didn't want to join in at all. We were about to take her to the viewing area to watch in there instead of join in when she was approached by Charlie who was working at the party. My daughter rarely responds well to unfamiliar people but seemed to really like Charlie, she stuck by him for the whole party and was even happy for me to leave her and go to the viewing area. Charlie was absolutely brilliant with her, he knew exactly how to speak to her and how to help her, she really found her confidence while she was there with him, she even fell over a couple of times and she got back up and carried on playing with his help. A couple of times my daughter couldn't see Charlie (he was there she just couldn't see) she was anxious that she couldn't see him which shows how much she liked him, he noticed this and always came to her. He managed to make sure she felt safe at all times, he did all this whilst making sure all the other kids there were looked after and he was straight there if any of them needed help - even if he had my daughter in tow! I would be the first to complain if I had any issues so I think it's only fair that I write to you to say how amazing Charlie was today with all the children, especially my daughter which I am extremely grateful for, he is an absolute credit to your company! Thank you!