Terms & Conditions

When you are a member or guest of the park you must adhere to the T&C’s we lay out. Failure to do so may end in getting banned from the park and appropriate action taken by management. The rules are for the safety and the safety of others.

The risk of injury from the activities involved in these programs is significant, including the potential for permanent disability and death, and while particular rules, equipment, and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of serious injury does exist. All members knowingly and freely assume such risks, both known and unknown, and assume full responsibility for their participation and for having and using the appropriate safety equipment. We do not accept any responsibility for other member’s failure to comply with these rules other than due to our negligence.

  1. A Prior to using any equipment, ramps or structures in the park you should check it for safety and suitability for your purpose and skill levels. If you find any temporary defect in the equipment you should immediately advise a member of staff who will rectify the fault.
  2. It is a member’s/ guests responsibility to report any concerns they may have or any misuse of the park. Staff are on-site at all times to help make YOUR experience safe and enjoyable.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse admission.
  4. We accept no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to any personal property.
  5. Any accident must be reported to a member of staff immediately.
  6. Skateboards must not have excessive sharp edges and must have sufficient deck grip.
  7. All equipment must be in good working order with no loose parts.
  8. Members willingly agree to comply with the stated customary terms and conditions for participation. If a member observes any usual significant concern in their readiness for participation they should remove themselves from participation and bring it to the attention of the nearest member of staff immediately.
  9. In the interest of safety, beginners and those new to ramp riding should take time to familiarise themselves with the ‘rhythm’ of the park before venturing into the main skating area.
  10. You agree to waive all liability claims against The Works Skatepark, its directors, employees and volunteers for any injuries, ailments or other damage to yourself whilst using The Works other than due to our proven negligence.
  11. Should any member of staff decide at any time and for any reason that a member is not behaving in a manner suitable they may remove a member immediately from the park and a note will be placed on the members file.
  12. No graffiti will be tolerated anywhere in the park except in designated areas. Members wishing to carry out proper graffiti art should register their interest with the manager.
  13. No food or drink is to be brought into the premises. There is a cafe where food and drink can be purchased. Any food or drink not brought on the premises needs to be kept in zipped bags and consumed off the premises. Persistent offenders may be banned.
  14. By Law, smoking is not allowed anywhere on our premises.
  15. No alcohol or drugs will be allowed on the premises. Any evidence of use or trade in either will result in immediate removal from the park, a life ban, and the authorities will be advised.
  16. Any abusive, dangerous, rude, or anti-social behavior will not be tolerated and may lead to member(s) being removed from the park and receiving a ban.
  17. Anyone under 18 years of age wishing to use the park must have parental consent. Separate parental consent may be required if wishing to use the park during school hours.
  18. Skateboarders under 13 years of age, Roller bladers, Scooter users and BMX riders are required, and skateboarders 13 and over are encouraged, to wear adequate helmet properly fastened at all times. All participants are encouraged to wear wrist, knee and elbow guards to minimise the risk of injury.
  19. Children under the age of 12 must not be left unattended by a parent or the responsible adult who brought them at any time. It is the parent or guardian who is ultimately responsible for that child.
  20. Children under the age of 12 must not be left unattended by a parent or guardian whilst in the park. It is the parent or guardian who is ultimately responsible for that child.
  21. BMX bikes are advised to have fully functioning brakes to allow all options to be available in the event of possible collision.
  22. Members should allow other users free and easy access to all ramps.
  23. Do not attempt any manoeuvre you feel is beyond your skill level. If you require help please ask a member of staff.
  24. Make clear your intentions to other members before starting a manoeuvre if it is likely to obstruct them.
  25. Avoid cutting across, in front of, or behind other riders, boarders, or bladders.
  26. Every Scooter rider must wear a helmet at all times. Failure to do so will end in removal from the park.
  27. All children 10 and under must have an induction before using the skatepark in ‘normal’ hours. (Commencing May 1st 2012)
  28. All children 10 and under must produce their induction cards when entering the park. If you do not have your induction card you will not be allowed in the park.
  29. Bullying or violence of any kind is strictly forbidden.
  30. Alcohol must not be consumed on the premises or before entry to the park.
  31. Anybody deemed intoxicated will not be allowed to enter the park.
  32. An accident book is available and any injury to a participant should be notified to the operator, recorded therein and signed by the injured person or their representative.
  33. Do not leave valuables lying around. Use the lockers provided.
  34. No throwing of objects, including helmets, skateboards, etc. in the skating area or anywhere inside the building.
  35. Payment must be made prior to participating in any session. Non-payment will be treated as theft.
  36. Spectators must stay in designated areas and must not climb on any ramps or enter recognised skate areas.

Fire information

  • Fire Exits and information about what to do in the event of a fire are on display around the Skatepark. If you are unsure about where they are, please ask a member of staff.
  • No tampering with fire extinguishers or fire alarms other than in the event of a fire. If you do, you will be banned.
  • Do not open any of the fire doors for any reason other than in the event of a fire.