The Park

Section 1: Big Street

The main section of the park, which features an array of driveways, quarter pipes, blocks, flat banks and hips. Some of the favourite objects in this area are the Huge Block, New Handrail, huge hip with wall ride, the Jersey Barrier and the Manni Pad.

Section 2: Easy Street

The long line of obstacles challenging all levels and styles of skating, inline and BMX allows for a multitude of lines and tricks. In this area you can find the mini ramp, small hips, driveways, step up mini spine and wall ride.

Section 3: The Pool

This section hosts ‘The Pool’ for all the old school skaters. This ramp is a one of kind ramp in the UK where people travel from miles around to skate it.

Section 4: Spine and Bowl

A combination of two parallel spines in the middle of several sized quarter pipes and banks give riders many ways to flow back and forth. Up on the top deck is a 7ft bowl with a 5ft vertical extension.